Treadmill Basics

An Overview Of ProForm Treadmills

Now most of its treadmills are available with this in-built option. Proform treadmills are manufactured under the supervision of Icon Health & Fitness. Inc, the largest manufacturer of fitness equipment in the world. The USP of these treadmills is the inclusion of space saver (TM) technology which results in saving space by providing the option of folding the treadmill. If you are looking for a cheap and reliable treadmill then Proform is just the right choice. Some of the quality models of Proform treadmills are as follows:

ProForm Pro Series 1500 Treadmill- Some of the essential features included in this treadmill are:
1) 0-12 MPH quick speed control
2) 16 workout programs
3) 2.5'' precision rollers
4) 20-year motor warranty
5) 7'' flat screen television with speakers
6) clear view back-lit console
7) cool air workout fan
8) dual grip EKG heart rate monitor
9) Proflex adjustable cushioning
10) workout intensity meter
11) space saver with lift assist shock

ProForm Perspective™ 1.0 LX TV Treadmill- The essential features of this treadmill are:
a) 12 built-in workouts
b) 15 year motor warranty
c) air light lift assist
d) cool air workout fan
e) EKG grip pulse sensors
f) ProShox cushioning quick incline control quick speed control
g) space saver with lift assist shock

ProForm 840 Treadmill-The amazing features of this treadmill are:
1) clear view back-lit console
2) quick speed control
3) ProShox impact absorption system
4) 10 built-in workouts
5) power incline controls
6) cool air workout fan
7) EKG heart rate monitor
8) accessory holder
9) 12-year motor warranty