Treadmill Basics

An Introduction To Motorized Treadmills

A motorized treadmill is operated with the help of a motor. The belt is not required to be moved manually. You are required to keep pace as the machine's motor moves the treadbelt at a speed set by you. These are generally heavier, bigger and expensive as compared to manual treadmills. The various pros and cons of a motorized treadmill are as follows:

The user does not need to strain him/herself to start a motorized treadmill. The belt moves on its own.

The user can adjust the speed and incline of the treadmill during the workout.

They can not be generally folded therefore storage could be a problem.

They are expensive as compared to manual treadmills.

Unlike manual treadmills, they are generally put under commercial use, i.e. at gyms and health clubs.

They are more advanced kind of machines which are loaded with added advantages like heartbeat meter and auto shut-offs, which are normally not present in manual treadmills.

Whether to buy a manual or a motorized treadmill, is the decision of the buyer. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. The kind of performance you expect out of a treadmill is what helps you make a decision. These are the basic two types but, many a times the manual treadmills are referred to as non-commercial treadmills and the motorized treadmills are referred to as commercial treadmills because of the added features available with them.