Treadmill Basics

Manual Treadmills Are Quite A Preffered Lot

There are mainly two types of treadmills that are known to the consumers. These are manual treadmills and motorized treadmills. Many people have found a replacement for yoga in the form of a treadmill as it can be used for workouts to maintain your health. However, a non-motorized treadmill does not has motor as a feature so, it is called manual treadmill. As there is no motor, the action of your feet against the deck moves the belt.


 It could be difficult to move the belt initially but as you go on with it, the process smoothens. For getting information on treadmill workouts just read Treadmill Workouts

A manual treadmill or a non motorized treadmill may well be a simple device meant for day-to-day normal exercise schedule. It is generally purchased for domestic use. Whereas, a motorized treadmill is an expensive affair and is invested into for commercial purposes basically but, the trend to buy light versions of motorized treadmills is quickly picking up. So, motorized treadmill is different from a manual one and the difference lies in the motor. But, both are able to provide a good workout either used at home or for commercial purposes. Also, manual treadmills generally come with a fold up option. Therefore, they are great space savers.