Treadmill Basics

Image Treadmills

Icon Health and Fitness are the sole producer of image treadmills. These treadmills are not so popular as their counterparts but they surely offer quality at an affordable price. Image treadmills generally provide the entry level to mid range equipments. Image treadmills give you the option to select the cheap and best treadmill to suit your requirements. Some of the popular models of image treadmills are:

Image 10.0 Treadmill- Just have a look at some of the cool features of this treadmill.
a) Health club-quality computerized console
b) Power incline
c) iFIT Technology
d) Precision-response cushioning
e) 5 x 7 inches LCD display
f) Pulse monitor
g) Cushioned deck
h) 4-window LED console
i) 4 workout options
Price: less than $500!

Image 14.0 Treadmill- The features that make it a popular treadmill are:
1) iFIT Technology
2) Cushion deck
3) Power incline
4) 4 windows LED console
5) Quick speed control
6) 6 programs, 2 user-defined
7) Space Saver Technology
Price: $548.62!

Image 16.0 OL Treadmill-The cool features of this treadmill are:
1) 5 pre-programmed workouts
2) Power incline
3) Cushion deck
4) Pulse monitor
5) 5-window LED console
Price: $513.48!

Image 995 SEL Treadmill-This is one of the top models of image treadmills because of its unique features. Some of them are:
1) Power incline
2) EKG2 grip pulse sensor
3) Personal trainer control panel
4) iFIT technology
5) Space saver design
6) Custom cushioning system
7) 4-window LED console
8) Pulse monitor
9) 8 programmed workouts
10) Hand weights
Price: $694.44!