Treadmill Basics

How To Use A Treadmill

A treadmill needs to be used effectively and correctly. Wanna know how to go about it? Here it is:

1) The initial phase of using a treadmill could make you feel uncomfortable. Understand that it's a new machine and it takes time to get accustomed to anything that is new.

2) Start by walk. You can set a normal speed, say 5 km/hr to start off. Initially you can also make use of handrails, but don't make it a habit. It is just meant for beginners. Don't use them once you start running.

3) While you are running, stay in the center of the belt. Try to push against the belt but don't try too hard. You are kind of required to float above it.

4) Some good music could prove to be a good companion. Try it!

5) Keep changing the elevation at regular intervals. By raising the elevation you compensate for the wind resistance which you would otherwise face while running on road.

6) Just keep a check that you may not swing your arms outward. It helps you to maintain and correct your running posture too.

7) Focus, don't look here and there. Look straight.

Apart from these steps, always consult your doctor before you start a work out routine. It is very important because he can carry out a thorough check up and suggest you the best thing. There are some tips as well that might help you in your workout:

1) Try varying your style of workout. A constant pattern could be boring.
2) To get the best results, increase the incline setting by 3 % after every 2 minutes.
3) Don't place your treadmill in the part of house you don't like to go to.
4) Before you step on it, make sure that it is moving on a slow pace.
5) Begin your exercise regime with some easy exercises.
6) Follow the type of workout that would suit your objective of using a treadmill. For eg-

whether you are using it for weight loss, or to improve your running or anything else.

Use your treadmill properly and follow all the instructions mentioned in the user's manual. It will not only tell you the safe way to use your particular treadmill but will also help you achieve the best of results. There are also some accessories which can make the treadmill a more interesting workout solution.