Treadmill Basics

Fact 1: The Price of Fitness

A decent treadmill probably would not take too much from your wallet. Plan on spending at least $1,000. Believe me, that isn't a lot compared to other home exercise equipment that people keep in their houses. If you want better than decent, try adding some $300 or $500 in there. There are some pretty good models that fall under that price range, but remember that cheap treadmills are often worth exactly like what their price dictates.

There are four factors involved when you buy a treadmill. These are:
a) How much money you have
b) Any extras you want (programming, heart rate, monitor, etc.)
c) What kind of motor you want and
d) How much space you have in your house

By answering all these questions, you should have some basic idea on which among the treadmills available in your best buy.