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Why The Treadmill Reviews Might Not Be So Reliable After All!

Every time people plan to buy a new product, they head to the Internet to find reviews about that product. Treadmills are no exception to this rule but do you know that treadmill reviews might just not be the best source of information about these products and you should never base your purchase decision on the treadmill reviews alone. Let us see the reasons behind the fact that you should look for other sources of information than just reviews.

First of all you must consider that the treadmill review is just the opinion of a single person. There have been a number of instances when two reviewers have given vastly different reviews about the same product. What one reviewer may consider a necessary feature, the other my call nothing more than a fancy dibble dabble or mere overkill. After all, the review is based on reviewer’s preferences, not your.

Second thing is that you have to consider the credibility of reviewer. The chances that the reviewer is on the payroll of product maker are equal to the chances that the reviewer is on the payroll of a rival company. In a number of cases, the reviewer might not have so much as touched the product and would have written the product on merely hearsay evidence. Similarly there is a big possibility that the reviewer knows nothing about treadmills.

Finally you need to keep in mind the possibility of a fluke. The fact that a review is either too positive can be attributed to the fact that the manufacturer might have taken extra care to make review units as close to perfect as possible. Similarly there is also a possibility that the reviewer received a defective unit and the problems that he quoted might not be marring the entire assembly line.

It is recommended to check out reviews from different sources and give them a good weight in your decision making process but never rely solely and completely on the treadmill reviews when you are about to purchase a treadmill. It is your money and your intelligence should be used to spend it.