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Top Things To Look For When Buying A Treadmill

With surge in number of obese and cholesterol stricken people, treadmills are high in demand. In fact those who are neither obese nor suffering from high fat deposition prefer working out on treadmills for treadmills today are accepted as one of the best equipments to keep fit.

Henceforth, if you are the one looking for an exercise equipment to keep yourself in good shape, you can safely zoom in on a home treadmill. But then spending money on a home treadmill is more like an investment. A good treadmill won't come in less than thousand dollars, so before spending your money you should get yourself informed of all essential aspects of treadmill buying. These different aspects could be discussed as:

Varying prices of treadmill models: Treadmills come with a wide range of models that are offered with great disparity of prices. If you don't know the reason behind these varying prices, you might get confused while buying a treadmill.

Basically pricing is done on availability of various features in a treadmill. There are brands offering superior quality models, middle range models as well as cheaper models. A cheaper model could be bought in less than thousand dollars. You can buy a mid range treadmill by spending in between thousand to fifteen hundred dollar. A superior model would cost you above two thousand. It comes with added features and a good number of preprogrammed workouts.

Efficiency of motor: Motor is most important part of a treadmill. It is often termed as heart of a treadmill. Before buying a treadmill you need to look into capacity of this vital component to provide you exercises of varying range. A motor's capacity is measured in terms of horsepower. Horsepower counts are measured separately for peak duty and continuous duty. Usually retailers bluff a naive folk by a showing a good peak duty horsepower. However actual depicter of a motor's efficiency is its continuous duty horsepower. A treadmill with its continuous motor HP of two and above is considered good.

Proper cushioning and stability of a treadmill: You are also needed to look into cushioning of deck. If your treadmill doesn't possess a jerk free cushioning system you may end up damaging your joints and back muscles while exercising on it. In order to check cushioning you should better go for a trial exercise.

You should also check treadmills against stability. For that you are needed to examine quality of belt and smoothness of workout.

Extended warranty period:A good warranty period suggests that a treadmill counts high on durability. All leading brands offer an extended warranty period on their treadmill models. Models that come with a warranty period of five years and more are considered stable. So always look for an extended warranty while buying a home treadmill.

Number of features available in a model: You must also check the model on which you have zoomed in against number of possible preprogrammed workouts. A good number of possible workouts on treadmill would ensure that you get variety of inclines and speed. It would keep your workout session away from monotony and would also result in quick weight shedding.

Apart from above mentioned aspects you should also look into noise level and length and width of belt. Don't overlook other parts of treadmill.

Keeping all the above mentioned aspects clearly in your mind, you are most likely to strike a better treadmill deal. All the best!