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The Right Manual Folding Treadmill

Folding treadmills are just what one should look for when faced with restrictions of space or when one is looking for the convenience of easy transportation from one location to another. After each workout, a folding treadmill  can be easily stowed away. Yet not all treadmills are alike. Therefore, it is quite important to find a treadmill that is not only space friendly but also works well and is built to last.

Folding treadmills do tend to be of a somewhat lesser quality standard in comparison to the non-folding models. Yet there are many good manual and automatic folding treadmills available in the market. One must know what to look for and critically evaluate the features of the different models and brands that one comes by.

The motor of any treadmill is one of the main components of a motorized treadmill. It should be strong, durable, built to last and should require little maintenance. Most good folding motorized treadmills have at least a 2 HP motor and some even provide 2.5-3.0 HP to ensure continuous duty with moderate to heavy usage for a number of years.

For people with large physical builds or those who prefer to run on the treadmill with some amount of freedom of space, it is important to choose from folding treadmills that provide wide running surfaces. A 20" belt would suit those who prefer adequate space to exercise, while for individuals with smaller physical builds or casual walkers, a treadmill with 17-18" belt for foot printing surface will do. Keep this preference in mind, while selecting either the manual or the automatic folding treadmill.

The attachments and extras that come with feature packed treadmills are also to be considered. Some of these are the preset programs, inclines, speeds, heart rate monitor, handrails and remote controls. Each of the optional features adds to the final price, so it is important to choose those features that you need and avoid the bells and whistles.