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Spirit Treadmill Stands True To Its Name

Some are true to their name and some are not! A man, Warrior by name in the real life may be a coward. Mr. Brown may actually have pink-white complexion. But this Spirit treadmill has kept up to its name-reputation!

The Model IN-400, in particular! Only the manufacturer of Spirit Inspirer IN 400 knows why it is cheaper by $250, though it has all the features of the expensive model Spirit SL 218.

It has many extraordinary features, like a heart rate monitor, greater horsepower, 2 user programs, 10 preset programs, 3 heart rate control programs and a chesty strap. The speed and incline are operated by remote switches on the handrails. A singular key selection controls the choice of 5 speed and incline ranges. It has a gas spring which makes the folding of the treadmill easy. A 7 window dot matrix red display window shows the user's time, spent calories, pulse rate, distance run, incline and speed.

What matters is the long standing of the company manufacturing Spirit Treadmills. It has a successful history of 20 years. Whenever a new feature is introduced in relation to the treadmill, think that it is most probably the Spirit. They are the leaders, not the followers. They have models of the price range of $1000, take for example, SL 188, but if you wish to have a good buy go for their mid price range products from $ 1500 to $3000. Good warranty and solid quality are their hallmarks. The surface of the IN 400 treadmill is 55x20”, adequate but not good enough from the point of view of comparison, with the like-priced models! The quality of their belts is good for the exercise surface.

As for ergonomics, IN 400 is considered to be the best. Ergonomics means literally, proper things for proper individuals. The machines accommodate the users of different sizes very well. The belt size, hand grip design and foot rails are faultless in design and anybody will be comfortable and will have a feeling that they are made for his size.

IN 400 model is considered good for the beginners. It is equally good for a fit athlete to practice various types of exercises, vigorously and make good use of the treadmill.

The fact that Spirit has been able to provide a good model for a modest price range and has been successfully doing it for the last twenty years, speaks well about its sales and service. If the company lacks in any of these areas, it will not have a future.