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How to Select a Treadmill

The treadmills available today  have so many features and qualities that you will really be puzzled when you set out to buy one. A look at the stores or on line shopping centers will make you wonder how to select a treadmill with the plethora of choices available in terms of colors, designs, brands and features.

Selecting a treadmill is not as easy a task as it seems. There are so many good brands available. Some of these names will crop up in any discussion on treadmills. Your job can become quite easier if you play a bit smart and do some homework before buying a treadmill.

You should do the following things before selecting a treadmill

First decide your budget, if you do not you will land up opting for a high price treadmill and are likely to return home disheartened or regretful. There are three ranges of treadmills. These are the lower range ($100 to $1000), mid range ($1000- $2500) and the elite range ($2500 and above). Therefore, it is necessary to decide your budget. Generally, if you want a treadmill for exercising instead of playing with the gizmos, you can choose the mid range.

The next thing to decide is the brand. Unlike the budget, this is one parameter that you can consider flexible. How do you get to know which brand to buy? Well zero in on the brand that gives you best value for your money at the budget you have decided. In order to do that, you can read treadmill reviews, both offline and online. These reviews give you valuable information with which you can make a decision.

Other things to look for before choosing a treadmill
Motor: the power of the motor is very important other wise if you are more than extra weight it will be difficult for the machine to roll the belts properly. The power should be minimum 1.5 hp and the motor should definitely be a continuous duty motor.

Belt dimension: The space must be least 50” by 18”. This is the standard dimension for any good treadmill. Any thing above this as long as it fit in with your other parameters, is acceptable.

The treadmill should have excellent safety features. The cushioning system and the technology used is one of the most important aspects of safety in a treadmill. The treadmill must possess good safety features. If it does not, do not go for it no doubt whatever quality or guarantee it offers.

The Warranty: The warranty speaks a lot of the machine. A good warranty period means the manufacturer are themselves satisfied with the product.