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Golds Gym Advantage Treadmill

Golds Gym have a number of treadmills lined up from the Icon fitness manufacturer who make the treadmills in the name of the Golds Gym. Yet, among them there are three treadmills which have good good reviews, these are - VX 500, Elite, and Advantage.

Golds Gym Advantage Treadmill comes in the price bracket of $800-$850 . This price attracts more customers. Now, don't go just with the price tag. In fact, the Golds Gym Advantage Treadmill can offer you almost all things you can imagine in a treadmill priced around $2000. Though most often, they are called a beginner's path, yet the treadmill has the durability and efficiency to carry out the workout that areĀ  intense enough and for sports training.

A Golds Gym Advantage Treadmill has a motor of 2.5 hp that can give the exhilarating experience of running on tracks. You can manage the speed up to 12km/hr and won't feel the shaking or noise of the machine at all.

There are other features also that make the Golds Gym Advantage Treadmill a must buy. The inclination and the cushioning system has the standards to compete the best make like Landice, Nordick, Weslo, and Proform etc. Other features like one-touch controlling units, workout programs for health, heart rate monitor, fans to cool you, and others give it a look that one can swear upon. Even the warranty period is also impressive.

They have some drawbacks too because of which many critics write-off the brand. They use cheap electronics, very cheap parts, and no warranty on many equipments. This takes their points down and get the place among the average-rated treadmills. And the manufacturers have done nothing to correct their flaws. Further, they have recently increased the price of the treadmills.