Treadmill Guides

Finding A Guide To Treadmills

Do you want to be in the perfect shape? If yes, then treadmill is what you should be looking for. You can find a lot of information about treadmills on various health and fitness related websites or in books and magazine related to this area. In fact if you run a search of the Internet using Google, Yahoo or any other search engine, you should be able to find expert reviews about different treadmills form various manufacturers.

Runner's World has a treadmill guide which covers the high end treadmills. If you are a professional athlete or if you want to know which are the best treadmills out there, this is where your should be looking at. Please not that the consumer guide is not for the budget conscious and the machines covered in this guide do not come at prices that can be called cheap.

Smooth Treadmills, one of the premiere treadmill manufacturers has developed a website named Advanced Fitness. This site features an extensive guide to treadmills from its parent treadmill manufacturer as well as tips and tricks about using treadmills posted on the site by different users. While we can not say that the site is very objective considering that it is nothing more than a concentrated PR effort but all the same it is a great place to begin from.

A comparatively better treadmill consumer guide is compiled by Prevention Magazine. Prevention Magazine is one of the best health and fitness magazines around the world. If you want treadmills which do not create a hole in your wallet, this is the consumer guide that you want. It deals with treadmills priced between $800 and $1500.

Another good place to to look for treadmills consumer guide is website. This is a comprehensive website and it does not focus on any price range or manufacturer. Rather the site provides opinion about treadmills numbering above 300 from different manufacturers and in different price ranges.

Remember that the consumer guides are just meant to help you out. You should not base your purchase decision on a consumer guide entirely. It is always better to get a demo of the machine and get some hands on experience on it before you take the money out of your pocket.