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Cheap treadmill – Look before you leap

With treadmills available at prices lower than $1000 for quite some time now, these treadmills seem to be a good buy. In most cases this value for money might be nothing more than an illusion for the buyers and you may get sub standard product with low powered motors or a very short warranty period.

The biggest lure with a cheap treadmill is a fancy branded, high powered motor. In most cases, this fancily branded motor is nothing more than a compromise. There is no defined standard for rating a treadmill. You can add fancy tags with motors and rate it at whatever horse power. When compared with a similar horsepower motor in a comparatively expensive treadmill, you will see that these cheap treadmill motors are very underpowered. Due to this underpowered motor, you will not get a smooth performance in case you want to exercise vigorously. In case you increase the incline in the cheap treadmill, you will also notice that the treadmill motor sputters and the deck of the cheap treadmill shakes.

You can make out that a number of other components on a cheap treadmill are low quality as well. They will sell you sub standard belts. These low quality belts in a cheap treadmill are a very big risk. They may snap at any moment and will cause a big accident. The rollers in a cheap treadmill are not of very high quality either. They are not very smooth and may cause the tread-belt to wear at faster than normal rates. Because of these cheap treadmills belts there is a risk of serious accidents.
In most cases, another crucial place where the treadmill manufacturers compromise on quality is the frame and the form factor. In most of the cases, cheap treadmill will come with a very light frame. In some cases this frame might not be properly welded or screwed. This leads to a greater risk of treadmill loosing balance and being overturned in case you use it very rigorously.

Another area of compromise by cheap treadmills is warranty period. In most cases a cheap treadmill will come with a short warranty period. There will be a number of clauses and sub clauses attached to the warranty section the accompanying documentation. You must read the fine print to recognize the finesse with which these cheap treadmill vendors keep the price low and avoid liability.

The purpose is not to generalize and label all cheap treadmills as being inferior in quality. Do remember that whenever you are considering buying a cheap treadmill, always remember the golden rule that you get what you pay for.