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Best Home Treadmill: Four Things You Need to Look For

Too often, many of us who wish to buy a treadmill become confused with the sheer variety of models and features of treadmills.  The frills and the gizmos that accompany treadmills are very often so mesmerizing that we tend to loose focus.  The fantastic deals and bargain prices with which manufacturers peddle their fare, sometimes results in landing up with a treadmill that we really don’t need or one we shouldn’t have bought in the first place.
Instead of the bells and whistles, we should evaluate a treadmill based on certain parameters. The following are the basic things that we should look for in a treadmill. If a treadmill fulfills the following requirements, it is a good buy.

Treadmill Motor
The motor is like the heart of the treadmill. It should be sturdy and built to last. There are a number of treadmill models that feature motors that pack up before your treadmill’s first anniversary. Make sure that the motor of the treadmill that you are buying is of a reputed brand, has sufficient horsepower and comes with a respectable warranty.

The treadmill that you buy should have sufficient cushioning to protect the joints and ligaments of your legs and knees and prevent strain or injury. Buying a treadmill with a bad cushioning system can have a number of adverse side effects.

Many people say a brand is not everything. The same people also say that so-called good brands can be of lower quality and good quality can also be found in lesser-known brands. That is true. However, the complete picture is that a well-known brand is more likely to feature good quality than bad. Companies have a reputation to retain and keeping that reputation is not an easy task anymore.

When we talk about warranty, we do not only mean the length of the warranty. The company should also be ready to honor its warranty and replace or repair a part if it has gone bad before the warrantee period.

I hope that these guidelines will help you to make a better purchase decision on your treadmill.