Buying Treadmill

What To Consider When Buying A Treadmill?

Before you consider buying a treadmill, consider your own personality and your disposition to the new gadgets. If you like anything instantly, without applying proper thought, you are making yet another wrong decision.

I say “yet another” and I say it with conviction. This is to save your hard-earned money. However, if you are using the money for the right cause, you shall have my first preferential vote and support for buying a treadmill! The choice is yours!

If you don't wish to run in the public parks or on the roads adjacent to your apartment for the reasons best known to you, you can go to a gym. And try the workout on an exercise treadmill. After doing the workout for a week or so, if you are satisfied about your ability to use it regularly with benefit, do go for buying an exercise treadmill.

Don't think ever of buying a cheap treadmill. Your junk dealer, howsoever friendly he may be, when it comes to business, will buy your treadmill only by weight.

Before that, one point incidentally. Do you have enough space in your house? It is a place where you sill spend at least 2 hours a day, for a few days at least, in the first flush of enthusiasm. Majority of your family members are waiting for their turn to exercise on the machine! Even the folding type of exercising machines will require some good space.

Mind you, you are investing some $1000 plus or some dollars more, for celebrating the arrival of the exercising machine. Think of the return on your investment, with the intuition of a stock exchange broker!

What about the specifications? The power of the motor and the maximum speed are the key factors to consider. The ideal standards are 1.5 horsepower and one that can go up to 10 mph. As regards the belt, it should be 48” long and 16” wide. Don't buy any model, unless you try one, howsoever attractive may be the catalog. Salesmen are well-paid to speak sweet-nothings!

One point is clear: Running a treadmill has the definite advantage with regard to timings. You are your own master here. Weather conditions, traffic etc are the constraints if you are a road-runner.

Here you are the king, in your own garage! When you are tired, you can stop for a while and review your muscles!

If you decide to buy the treadmill online, be a total businessman in your approach. Disbelieve each and every word of their advertisement, even though you believe! Unless you have a trial run on the machine, never think of buying it. It is the responsibility of the online sellers to arrange for the demonstration of the treadmill at a place convenient to you!