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Weslo Customer Service - A Company’s Profile

A good level of customer service adds to the image and status of a company's profile. Empowering customer service is always favorable for any company, as customers always opt for goods that are reputed to have a friendly and efficient customer service behind them.

Being a mechanical device, the treadmills and elliptical trainers or any other exercising equipment is bound to need repairs and replacements. In such cases, it is the responsibility of company’s customer service division to give timely assistance and attend to such problems.

Weslo, a company specializing in a line of treadmills, has online customer service help centers for their fitness equipments. They have devoted a complete section for customer service and related information on their website. The Weslo customer service page contains information relating to resources or representatives, which can help their customers to enjoy the equipment they have bought to the maximum extent possible.

The company has dedicated separate pages for:

Owner’s manual: Weslo provides the customer with two options (i) they can purchase the manual while buying the machine from their outlets. (ii) The  manual can be downloaded directly from their site in Adobe Acrobat format, any time by providing the language of choice and the model number of the machine.
Replacement parts: if the part to be replaced is covered by warranty then you can contact them on phone for replacing it, by providing the model number and part serial number. For the parts that are under non warranty replacement, one can place an order online for the same

FAQ’s: In this section, you can find the answers to majority of your queries related to the Weslo fitness equipments.

The web site also has a product registration form, the filling up of which makes it easy for the customers to easily access information and obtain services like product up-gradation and other such offers. Through product feedback, information can be given to their Quality Control Department regarding the product and packaging.

Consistent customer service, reliable products, easy access, availability, and willingness to help customers are some of the key factors followed by Weslo customer service. Weslo provides customer service that you can depend on!