Buying Treadmill

Welso Company

The Weslo treadmills are ranked among the most popular brands available in the market. These treadmills are manufactured by a company known by the name of Icon and Health Fitness. This company also produces other reputed brands such as Reebok, Nordic Track, Proform and Image.

Weslo treadmills are characterized by the conspicuously lower price tag associated with it. Amongst all the manufacturers of treadmills, the Weslo products are the least priced as a rule. These are basically entry-level machines and are meant for light exercises. If you are a serious runner looking at a real sweating out, these treadmills may not be the best buy for you. Weslo products are good for walking and jogging.

Weslo company products start at as low as $99, which is the price of the Weslo Cardio Stride Plus. It is armed with a big monitor and incline facilities. The Cadence G 25 is a great treadmill for the beginners. It comes with the added provision of digital speed control. The monitor is also very large and is easily readable. The Cadence C44 is not actually a basic treadmill like many of the fellow models. This model features a 2.25 impulse drive system and comfortable cushioning. Other positive traits of the machine include a state of the art heartbeat monitor, digital speed control and an adjustable incline. The Cadence C72 is one of the more advanced versions. It boasts of 2.5 THP impulse, 0—10% incline, 0—10 mile digital speed control and IFTI compatibility.

The Weslo 50SE model is one of the best Weslo machines. This treadmill has a powerful 1.3 CHP impulse motor, apart from all other typical features associated with the Weslo products. This is counted among the most durable models the hallmark of which is uninterrupted performance for a long period of time.

The Weslo models are manufactured and marketed keeping an eye on the budget constraints of the common customers. Their low price enables everyone to buy a treadmill. However, there are some deterring factors as well. The warranty on any Weslo machine does not exceed three months. This is one thing which reflects the downside of the cheaper treadmills.