Buying Treadmill

Making Up Your Mind To Buy The Treadmill

There are several types of treadmills to choose from, according to one's need and purpose. One can have treadmills with personal trainers installed in them or treadmills that are purely traditional in the sense that they don’t have a single program running in them. There are also treadmills with maximum horsepower. Try to decide what you want before your purchase. The following questions below can serve you as a guide in arriving at a decision

Do you want running or walking programs included?
Do you need a heart rate monitor?
Do you want a function that lets you hook your treadmill up to a website such as for new workouts?
Do you need a treadmill that folds (usually more expensive) or do you have enough space to house a treadmill full time?
How easy is the treadmill to maintain?

Once you have all that down, then you should be ready to the next step, which is Trying it Out

Perhaps the most important step to buying a treadmill, trying one out before actually buying is only logical. After all, those spec sheets they show you are only figures, numbers, technical descriptions. You won’t know for sure until you try it or hold it in your two hands.

Make a list of all treadmill models you like and call sporting goods stores to see if they’re available locally. Spend at least 10 minutes on each treadmill, making sure that it runs quietly and doesn’t shake even when you’re running on it. And while you’re there, see where the drink holder is, a place where you can place your walkman, a book rack, and some other small stuff that aren’t terribly important but would be a nice addition anyway. And after checking all those out and coming up with your hands full, make the purchase and bring your new treadmill home.