Buying Treadmill

Make Best Use Of Treadmill Ratings

Consumer is the King,” they say. In olden times, the King had a number of wise Ministers, whose counsel he took to decide important issues. Now, you have an all important issue before you- buying a treadmill. Presently, your counselor is the internet. You know what it is to search on the internet. Many a times, it is confusion confounded!

Instead of the solutions, fresh doubts are created in your mind. In such a situation, the best alternative for you is the treadmill ratings by the consumers. The indicators provided by several consumers will be of much help to you. Ratings are generally given by the consumers, feature by feature, and you get the ratings in a tabulated form, in the treadmill review magazines. Such clear-cut and concise information helps you take a decision.

The ratings generally pertain to:
1) Each brand and model of treadmills.
2) Safety statistics
3) Heart rate monitor
4) Merits of the interactive model
5) Computer fitness programs and levels.

Such ratings are available in the fitness magazines. Comparison is between models of equal standing. A model costing $5000 can never be compared with the model costing $ 500.

You are a lover of a treadmill; you are not the technical expert. It is better to compare the ratings with the information available in the catalog published by the treadmill manufacturer.

Whether it simply the repetition…In that case, the review is not of much worth from your point of view. The ratings must be the result of independent verification, by the reviewer. It should not be a hired review of a yellow journalist.

Where do you read the ratings, is also important. Websites generally, earmark the space for consumer’s opinion. If it is company’s website, you generally get the praise for the product only- it could even be a tutored praise. Search for the independent website and read the customer’s woes carefully.

You are likely to get feature by feature report, if you read some reviews. Their problems could be your tools and inputs for taking the proper decision.

Another important issue that must demand your attention is the after sales service. Machinery is machinery. The best of the machine may breakdown. If the company has a reputation for the best after sales service and when they promptly repair/replace your treadmill, you could yet be the satisfied customer.

Don’t simply read the ratings…Understand them and try to grasp their implications!