Buying Treadmill

Few Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Treadmill

I want to share something about treadmills, which I know the manufacturer or the dealer would not tell you, when you go to purchase a treadmill.

Some treadmills have low weight limits (under 300 pounds). So first, weigh yourself and all the expected treadmill users. 

The faster the treadmill, the more expensive it becomes. So it is important to know how fast or slow you want to go on your treadmill. Always look for treadmill with an incline. This would enable you to take your workouts to higher levels.

People running fast find it difficult to hold a straight line on a treadmill. Having a wider belt width solves the problem.

Take a hard look at the safety measures, console design and convenient enhancements. Most modern treadmills come with a magnetic key. It is important that the key releases from the console and the treadmill stops automatically if you overdo it and fall down.

Do not forget about the warranty. Some treadmills come with a warranty of less than 90 days. So keep that in mind.

And last but not the least a good treadmill is expensive. So make sure that you are gonna use it regularly before you invest in it.