Buying Treadmill

Features To Look For In A Good Treadmill

 Knowing all about the different features of a typical treadmill is sure going to help you in determining the best treadmill for you. So below is the list of the features that you should covet in a treadmill:

Emergency Shut Off : Usually, these are magnets or buttons you yank or push to cut power instantly. This is very efficient if you get into trouble on your treadmill without any signals.

Hand Rails : Hand rails are also an important part of a treadmill. You may want to give the reason that you do not want to get hampered, holding onto a rail while running. But before you dismiss the notion, consider what the hand rails are for and what is their use. In fact, you need at least them just for safety and balance. If not, then at least get one with a slightly extended front rail.

Cushioning : How much cushioning you need is based on personal preference. Cushioning is important for safety. This is for less impact and more comfort with each foot strike you make.

Safety Lock or Switch :Another feature you should consider having in your treadmill is a safety lock or switch. This is advisable if you have kids who love to fiddle with things and may accidentally start the machine.

Warranties : Warranty is an important feature especially in case of electronic equipment. Your treadmill should have at least one year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. Most companies these days offer various levels of warranties on frames, motors, parts and labor that vary from 1-5 years. Some manufacturers even offer 10 years or limited lifetime warranties. Check on the limits, though.

All these features are important in owning the treadmill that is going to satisfy all your physical exercise needs. It will be possible for you to remain healthy by working out half an hour daily within the confinement of your home.