Buying Treadmill

Don?t Forget The Red Button Of Your Treadmill While Buying One

When you are planning to buy treadmill, safety is the most important thing to consider along with the motor. This is all the more important for households with children. There are two main safety features found in treadmills. You better don’t forget to check these two i.e. the safety key and the emergency off button when buying a treadmill.

 Some treadmills offer only the safety key. Others offer both the emergency button and the safety key. It is best that you get a treadmill that offers both of these. If not, then weigh down the merits of each feature carefully before buying.

  A safety key treadmill requires that the key be in place to turn the treadmill on. It usually has a way to attack the key to the runner so that if the runner falls or gets too far away, the key will pull out and stop the treadmill.

The emergency off button on the other hand is just a red button that you can push to turn off the treadmill immediately.