Buying Treadmill

Accessories For Your Treadmill

Treadmill accessories have the same functions as well. Some of the treadmill accessories are as follows:

1) Treadmill cleaning kit:Treadmill, if kept clean, is sure to perform better and longer. Cleaning kit helps in proper maintenance of a treadmill. It is a basic accessory which helps to cut down the cost of repairs and maintenance. It includes a cleaning solution, scrub brush, applicator wand and instructions.

2) Home repair tools:These home repair tools help you make small repairs yourself. You don't need to rush outside for every small thing. These are generally provided with the treadmill and if not, they can be bought easily from any fitness equipment store.

3) Workout books:There are various treadmill workout books which tell you about various types of workouts that you can go for in order to get the best results from a particular type of treadmill. They also guide you about the proper use of a treadmill in relation to speed, incline and other aspects.

4) Cardio caddy:It is a holder with a clamp. It can hold a water bottle, walkman stereo, keys, remote and mobile phones. It has a clamp which is capable of sticking to any horizontal or vertical surface. It can fit to round or square poles as well.

5) Videos on Treadmoves:Videos depicting treadmoves are your virtual trainers. These videos feature the various workouts for beginners as well as for advanced moves. They teach you how to use a treadmill in the appropriate way.

6) Reading rack:Reading rack hooks over the console and helps you to read clearly. It can hold newspapers, magazines and books.

7) Zip towel:Towel with a zip! This towel has a zippered pocket which helps you carry small things like keys, pager or wallet if you workout away from your home. It carries all your small things apart from wiping your perspiration.

8) Treadmill mat:Treadmill mats protect your floor from scratches caused by heavy treadmills. It also helps in reducing vibration and noise apart from keeping the equipment away from dust and debris.

9) Video stride:These videos land you in a kind of environment that would feed your soul. It makes you imagine yourself in the best of sceneries, whether that be Hawaii or Swiss countryside. It adds a change and excitement to your treadmill workout. You can enjoy the best of sceneries in the comfort of your home itself.

10) Lubrication kit: It helps you keep the motor of your treadmill anew. It is easy to use and you can carry out small repairs or minor shortcomings yourself. It prolongs the life of the motor as well as of the belt.

11) Treadmill cover:Treadmill cover protects your treadmill from excessive dirt. It keeps it anew and in better shape. Whether you have the fold up model or the non folding one, treadmill covers are available for both types.

These accessories keep your treadmill in a good shape and can be bought as and when the need arises. These accessories also help add style and utility to your treadmill workout.