Treadmill Advantages

Walking to Lose Weight

Walking is the best form of exercise which is simple and can be performed by all age groups. With the treadmills around, the walking regimes have become easier and more comfortable. Treadmills have been around for years and their benefits well documented. Most of the Americans follow a routine of treadmill walking to lose weight. The obese Americans have stuck to the machine for burning the extra kilos.

But if you simply walk on the treadmill, you won't lose calories quickly. That’s why; you should follow a walking program to lose weight. You can get the programs already inbuilt in the treadmills or can get them in the health magazines. If you know a fitness trainer, you can seek his advice on this.

These treadmill programs to lose weight include the various kinds of walk you will need to follow throughout the week. For instance on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you have to do mild walking. Tuesday would be brisk walking. Thursday rest and Saturday can be light jog in aerobic mode and Sunday again rest along with massage of body parts.

Thus, you can lose weight quickly following this sort of a walking program as compared to an unplanned walking regimen. Be sure that you follow the program strictly and give the least possible gap days. Since you are free to perform it at odd hours also, you can manage it even if some other urgent work trespasses the workout time.