Treadmill Advantages

Treadmills Vs Walking Outside -The Debate

Those who swear by the utility of using treadmills and those who prefer walking outside have their own points to prove.

The pro-treadmill users have pointed out that using the treadmill does not depend upon the weather; you can use it while listening to music, watching your favorite TV program or reading a magazine. Moreover most treadmills have a heart rate monitor to let you know whether you are getting the maximum benefit from it or not. You do not have to worry about various allergies like, dust allergy, pollen allergy, or for that matter, you do not even need to worry about pollution.

The supporters of walking outside believe that it has all sorts of benefits. Apart from catching up with your friends, you can be in the midst of nature and watch the flowers bloom and the birds sing. And above all, walking outside does not cost anything.

Now it is for you to decide which one would you prefer - walking outside or walking on a treadmill. The debate is still on …