Treadmill Advantages

The History Of Treadmills Unearthed...

The history of treadmills lies back in 1875. When the need for an all time power solution arose, treadmills were invented. They were initially invented for the purpose of generating power, rather than fitness.

The first of treadmills were actually agricultural machines called ‘level power’ treadmills. They were built in various sizes. The smaller ones were run by dogs and sheep to power attached butter churners while the bigger ones were used for threshing machines and were run by horses.

It was in the year 1952 that cardiologist Robert Bruce and Wayne Quinton gave shape to the first ever medical treadmill. They together, developed the standard treadmill test to diagnose and evaluate heart and lung disease. Quinton later sold his concept to Stairmaster, which was then bought by Nautilus.

The fitness enthusiasts liked the concept and started demanding a better and smoother machine for their daily workouts. Recognizing the needs and demands of the customers, the companies started working towards making better and more user-friendly treadmills. Some of the companies which started working towards this were Tunturi, Aerobics Inc., Woodway, Track Master, and Star Trac.

Since then there has been no turning back. A report by The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association concluded that treadmill sales in the U.S. alone shot up 10 % in 1996, climbing to $725 million from $660 million in 1995. Also, in 2001, there were over 43 million treadmill users.

It is quite evident that the treadmill industry has been on a run all through. The popularity has been immense and the trend has just caught on. The future also holds promising growth and development with various popular brands doing their rounds in the market.