Treadmill Advantages

Disadvantages Of Treadmill

Treadmills also have their own account of disadvantages. Acquaint yourself with them.

T- hreatening for children
R- emedy, but not always
E- xpensive
A- rtificial
D- ifficult
M- onotonous
I- mprisons
L- oud
L- acks the natural air around

If a particular device has certain advantages then it is sure to have a set of disadvantages as well. Same is the case with treadmills. Apart from the numerous advantages that they have, there are also certain disadvantages. These are as follows:

Treadmill is an expensive affair. Even if you plan to buy the lowest model, it is sure to make you shell out a lot of money from your pocket.

Treadmills are considered to be an artificial way of exercising. When you can actually go out and walk then what is the need for a treadmill. Some treadmill models may produce loud and irritating noises.

The workout may become boring if your treadmill lacks the features to make changes which make your workout more challenging.

It lacks the feel of fresh air which you would get outside.

It is a machine and is therefore very likely to breakdown. Once that happens, you need to spend money again to get it repaired.

The will to exercise may be lost after you have bought it. It is possible that you may never want to workout on it once your initial liking for it has been satisfied.

It is not a complete trainer. If you want to participate in a race then a treadmill will not be able to give you the complete feel of the actual environment.

The bio- mechanics of an actual walk and those in the case of a treadmill differ.

It has been observed that treadmill cuts off the habit of forward lean which is not a good sign at all.

The smooth surface of the treadmill does not allow your muscles and joints to react in a way they would otherwise do on uneven surfaces.Psychologically you become used to walking in a confined space.

It is not at all safe for children to run on. There have been cases where children have had serious injuries while using treadmills.

Despite all these disadvantages, treadmill remains the favorite exercising equipment amongst the masses. People are increasingly buying and using it. It is quite a popular concept and holds a promising future as well.