Treadmill Advantages

Benefits of walking

Walking is not only merely a form of exercise which keeps us fit, but the very physical act of walking sets us apart from other living inhabitants of our planet. As it is the basic form of human motion no human being can escape from walking.  Walking is in a very obvious way an absolute  necessity.

We learn  the basics of motion by crawling on all fours but usually by the time 10 months have passed we begin to stand up erect and walk. Once that happens we never forget how to walk as it becomes part of our intrinsic nature.  Walking is a universal form of exercise  and can be performed by any able-bodied person. Long walks have been the secret of many a great men.

Walking exercises not only  the muscles of our body and also allows us time with ourselves and our thoughts. As walking is not a huge effort one can allow the mind to ease down and concentrate on the day gone by and the day which is coming and think and ponder over actions taken and to be taken.  Planning your actions and organizing your thoughts can be done very well during walking

There is nothing like a brisk walk to loosen up and exercise the muscles of our body. Walking promotes blood circulation and keeps the heart beat healthy and normal.

A word however about the way we walk. The spine should be erect and we should not allow the neck to droop. A brisk walk is better than a leisurely stroll. Of course that is not going against the leisurely stroll. It is better than sitting down or lying on the couch.

Just get onto a walking trail, breathe deeply and feel the fresh air fill your lungs. What with rising pollution levels walking is a great way of boosting blood oxygen. Walking is a great way to improve overall digestion and reduce acidity. Regular brisk walking contributes to overall muscle toning and weight reduction.

Walking is beneficial for all the joints of the body. As we get old, joints tend to get stiff and walking is a great way to keep them in shape.

When we look at the joys of walking, of meeting old acquaintances and friends, of letting our feet sink into the early morning dew,  we can easily say that walking is not just a form of physical exercise but a surreal and spiritual experience.!!