Treadmill Advantages

Benefits of Using Treadmills

Treadmills are low-impact indoor fitness machines that allow the user to walk, run or jog in place. They score over other forms of exercise as they provide consistent workouts to the user in all types of weather conditions.

Treadmills are ideal for home or commercial use and can be used by either amateurs or professionals. There are numerous benefits of using a treadmill.

Treadmills help to acclimatize beginners to treadmill exercises. These machines help to build up stamina and resistance levels.

Treadmills are also useful in case of bodybuilding. One can use treadmill workouts to build quadriceps, leg muscles and parts of the lower body. Bodybuilding Professionals  often recommend alternating treadmill workouts with periods of strength training and dumbbell workout.
Treadmills are also useful in providing international level training to athletes and sports persons. These machines play an important role in rehabilitation of people with heart attacks or victims of trauma.

Treadmills help to maintain optimum body weight. They help to cut body fat and subsequently increase the lean tissue. By cutting out body fat and increasing muscle mass, these machines help to improve glucose control. An hour of treadmill exercise burns about 700 to 860 calories, which is much more than the calorie burnout using rowing machine or bicycles.

Treadmill exercises help to improve the insulin sensitivity of the muscles, which in turn helps to control diabetes.

Treadmills provide effective cardiovascular workouts and are equipped with heart rate monitor, wireless chest straps and grip pulse sensors, which enable users to exercise in the targeted heart rate zone for optimum benefits. A balanced diet along with treadmill workouts can go a long way in ensuring cardiac fitness.

These machines are great exercise products for heart patients. Treadmill walking is used to provide Sports Physiology training. The heart patients are trained according to their comfort and capability levels. Low-intensity treadmill workouts help to enhance strength and stamina in patients afflicted with heart problems.

The benefits of using a treadmill also include treatment of neurological and post-operative conditions. Many therapists use treadmill exercises for treating these conditions.

Regular treadmill usage also has many psychological benefits. It helps to enhance self-esteem, lifts mood and fights everyday stress.

Several treadmill models available today provide features such as LCD TVs, DVD and players. Thus, a user is able to watch TV programs or listen to music, while exercising. This helps to reduce the boredom from the workout routine.

Many treadmills also offer preset workouts. Different members of the family may use different workouts, according to their fitness needs. These machines therefore offer a complete fitness solution for the entire family.

Quite a few treadmills also offer the feature of a personalized trainer. This virtual trainer offers tips on maintaining correct posture and proper breathing technique. Working out on such treadmills provides the user the benefits of personalized training advice.
Workouts on treadmill also help to promote better sleep patterns, as the user is able to sleep soundly.

Treadmills are designed keeping in mind the consumer convenience and comforts. Folding treadmills offer an ideal solution in cases where there are space constraints. Home treadmills allow the user the ease of comfortable workouts right in the privacy of home. Many treadmills offer safety features like panic button, automatic shut down, handrails and prominent start and stop buttons. These security features are extremely helpful in case of an emergency.

The benefits of using a treadmill are endless. In fact, no other piece of fitness machinery provides such health benefits and comforts to the user. Treadmills help in weight loss, bodybuilding, fighting obesity, heart attack, diabetes etc. and thus help to enhance the general fitness and overall well being of the user.