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This Is How You Should Maintain Your Treadmill

Ground to an AC wall outlet:
You might ask, why an AC wall outlet? Well, with many users owning treadmills that come equipped with computer consoles (such as those with programming) these days, console crashes are also becoming common. A computer crash may be anything that occurs out of the ordinary, such as a display blanking out, locking up, or not recording information. It could even be that the treadmill simply wouldn’t shut down altogether. One way to determine that a crash is not due to a defect is to turn the treadmill power off and then on again.

The process of cycling power on and off will reset the computers most of the time. If the crash is caused be a computer defect, this is likely to result in loss of control of the incline and speed feature. There is also a possibility that the treadmill may not even start at all. One way to safeguard your treadmill from console crashes is to plug the equipment into a grounded AC outlet.

If, however, the crash occurs frequently or is repeated then consider the option of having it replaced. Most manufacturers that offer warranties in their products include console crashes in their warranty.

Read the owner’s manual :
There is a saying: “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” No amount of repair and maintenance tips can compare to what you can prevent by just reading through your treadmill owner’s manual.

The manual contains all the tips and advice for your treadmill’s proper maintenance – something you can really use if you want to save yourself from costly repairs. All maintenance procedures should be listed in the owner’s manual, alongwith troubleshooting guidelines, parts listings, and instructions on repairs. Damage to your treadmill from improper use or unauthorized tampering can result in the manufacturer voiding the warranty. That is why, if you are in doubt about proper handling of your treadmill, contact either your dealer or the manufacturer for recommended care.