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Some Tips For Treadmill Maintenance

Use your treadmill on a level floor
Wondering why your treadmill is making all those squeaking sounds? Well, before you decide to pick up the phone and call your manufacturer, check if your treadmill is running on a non-level floor. Often, the number one reason why treadmills make squeaking noise and their belts mis-track is that people place their treadmills on ground that isn’t consistently leveled, without even realizing it.

 Most treadmills have level adjustment in rear supports. If your treadmill cannot be leveled with the floor, then level the floor with your treadmill instead.

Power cord, belt, and deck
It’s standard procedure among all electronic equipment – you should keep the power cord free and away from places where people are likely to step on it. The same rule applies for treadmills, especially if you are using the electronic type as opposed to its manual counterpart. Also, make sure that the power cord is clear of the incline mechanism.

When it comes to maintenance of your treadmill’s belt, it is expected that you lubricate the belt every so often. When you do that, try to avoid using silicone or oils, unless the manufacturer itself recommends it. The ideal combination for a long-lasting treadmill is often a clean, dry and dust-free deck and belt.

Use a silicone spray only when the manufacturer recommends it. And even then, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions closely, especially when it comes to application schedule and type of lubricant. Some treadmill decks may require initial waxing to help reduce friction with the belt. Do not wax the deck unless recommended by the manufacturer.