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Running On A Treadmill. – Run To Your Heart’s Content At Home

When we think of a treadmill the first things which comes to our mind is a vision of a middle-aged or old people trying to get back in shape or checking their ECG to make sure  they do not suffer from lifestyle disorders.

The very notion that the treadmill is also meant for  the youth and is  a device which is geared for high definition athletic exercise for the aspiring or professional sportsperson, does not seem to be a very easy one to believe.

A treadmill has a lot of features to set speeds or raise the incline of the device. The devise is very helpful as there is controlled environment in which you can maintain a stable and firm posture while running. The belt and the platform  can be controlled and timed so that strenuous exercise can be performed within a relatively short span of time. Treadmill is a great way to warm up before any other kind of specific training regime such as power lifting or weight training.

Running on a treadmill makes your adrenaline level rise gradually and de-stresses you quickly for intense work. Its ultimate advantage is that you need not be interrupted by anything which would stop you from going for a jog in the park. It saves you from  pollution and smog the levels of which are rising in our cities every single day. You do not have to watch out for that inconsiderate driver who does not want to be courteous enough to slow down for you.

There is however a cautionary note. For runners, the treadmill cannot substitute actual ground training as the running conditions cannot simulate the wind and the actual terrain that you would come across out of doors. Running outside should complement your indoor treadmill training.

All said and done, a treadmill is a great way to keep healthy and fit on those days when it is raining or snowing outside or you simply want to be available at home and jog at the same time.