Home Treadmills

Home Treadmill: Read Before You Buy!

Treadmills have become one of the most popular home exercise equipments all over the world. This has happened because of many factors ranging from the falling prices of a treadmill to increased awareness of people towards the benefits of walking. Home treadmills are available in both new and refurbished variety. Home treadmills have many features and they are fairly powerful all the while maintaining their portability and fold-ability to ensure ease of storage and transportation. Home treadmill is available anywhere between 1500USD and 3000 USD. A refurbished home treadmill can be bought for as low as 200USD for a base model.

It is necessary to consider certain factors before you buy a home treadmill. Most important is that you have a hands-on (rather a feet on) demonstration of the home treadmill. Especially if you are considering a refurbished home treadmill, you must try it thoroughly. Take someone who is aware about the home treadmills and whose advice you can trust.

Consider the weight capacity of home treadmill. Not everyone in your home should be of the same weight. You must ensure that weight tolerance of home treadmill is more than the weight of the heaviest member of your family.

Home treadmill must be stable. It must have a sturdy frame and a sufficiently heavy base to ensure the person doing exercise on the home treadmill does not lose balance and fall off. The home treadmill must have enough room to accommodate a sufficiently big person so the belt must be a minimum of 18” wide and 49” long.

Home treadmill must come with an emergency shutdown button. There may be cases when a person loses balance or starts experiencing vertigo. Such a case is especially common in case of people using a home treadmill for the first time or who use it rarely.

You must look for a home treadmill that has sturdy sidebars that are easily reachable and can be used, if a person using a treadmill needs support for any reason. Remember though that over reliance on the side-bars of home treadmill will mean that you do not burn as much calories as you would burn in a non supported workout. 

Apart from this, you must consider the noise that the home treadmill makes. Check if it provides speeds ranging from 0.1 to 9mph, warranty period on offer. Remember, buying a home treadmill is an important decision because you are going to spend good money! Read about home treadmills and check for online reviews and the best deals you can get for home treadmills!