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Ensure Proper Alignment Of Belt

 Roller knocking occurs with improper belt tracking. This should be avoided at all times. If you hear a knocking noise when running your treadmill, that most often means that you have a defective roller. However, there are instances where the noise results from the belt placing too much force on the roller from side to side. You will recognize the difference between the cases in that the knocking noise in the latter will be at a much slower rhythm than roller rotation.

One way to reduce the load on belt is through proper tracking. Not only that, it will also help guide the belt and ensure that the front and rear rollers are parallel. Just follow the manufacturer’s directions on belt tracking to keep from misaligning or over-stretching the belt. A word of caution: be careful not to over-tighten belt when adjusting alignment.

These things may seem small and perhaps 'not so necessary' but they do make a major difference. Your treadmill is sure to perform better if you undertake these maintenance steps in routine.