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Buyer's Guide: When Buying A Home treadmill

Fitness happens to be a top priority for Americans. Studies have shown that more and more Americans are becoming obese and over weight. This could be because of various reasons, the most common being less active physically and being too busy with your life. Now, this is a common problem for a modern man. But, regular treadmill workouts can definitely offer you a clear cut solution to rid of the problem of excessive body weight.

You can shed your weight with different preprogrammed workouts of treadmills in no time. That too, along your busy and tight work schedule, and being unable to go on walking or jogging. Now, once you have decided to buy a treadmill it becomes an ordeal for you to zoom in on a treadmill that suits most of your needs.

In order to choose best possible treadmill, you should first ascertain your exercise priorities seeing your over all fitness condition. For that, you may take assistance of a physical fitness trainer. Once you get to know your requirements from a treadmill it becomes really easy to pick one for yourself.

Making acquaintance with all features of treadmill happens to be a prerequisite before buying. Knowing features well would enable you to compare treadmills of different brands in order to get a treadmill with your desired features.

Another crucial thing that you need to see in a treadmill while buying is horsepower of it's motor. It could be truly termed heart of treadmill and happens to be most costly component of treadmill. I would suggest you to at least compare motors of two or three brands before making final purchase. Motor's efficiency is measured in terms of horsepower. Usually retailers bluff a naive folk with peak horsepower that could be higher even in a less efficient motor. Actual efficiency is depicted by constant or continuous horsepower that should not be less than 2.5 or 3 HP.

Apart from motor's efficiency you should also look for a good range of speed in a treadmill. A maximum speed of ten or twelve mile could be found in all good treadmills. If you need treadmill for rigorous exercise, don't be contended with only good speed. You go ahead to see range of inclines that are being offered. You should also check against availability of various preprogrammed workouts.

In addition to these, quality and length of belt also holds importance. But all these factors could be overlooked if a brand is offering a long warranty period. A long warranty itself speaks about the quality and durability of the treadmill parts.

This is the way you should pick out best treadmill for your home and get the desired level of fitness in very little time. KWs: Buying Treadmill, How to buy treadmill, Tips For buying treadmill